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Welcome to the FERRONOVA® extranet service

The Extranet is a service to all Heat Treaters. Here you will find information on heat treatment with a focus on furnace atmospheres. As a member of FERRONOVA® extranet you will have access to calculation tools e.g. for carburizing profiles, atmosphere analysis, carbon potential, dew point, oxygen probe millivolt readings and gas quenching. You find safety data sheets for gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, ammonia and acetylene as well as for methanol. There is literature on processes like annealing, brazing, nitriding, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitrocarburizing, vacuum and gas quenching. There is a four languages heat treatment glossary. And more.

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FERRONOVA® Process Support is a business concept within Linde Gas and AGA AB.

® FERRONOVA is a registered trademark of AGA AB.

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