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Terms & Conditions for the FERRONOVA® extranet service

Please read the following terms & conditions

1. Definitions used
By Customer is meant the person, who is to be given a license. By FERRONOVA® is meant the extranet service provided to members at the Internet address

2. License
Customer is entitled a right to use FERRONOVA® extranet under conditions stated in this agreement. The license must not be transferred to another person or other persons not covered by this agreement.

3. FERRONOVA® responsibilities
FERRONOVA® is responsible to arrange that Customer will by email be provided with a Username and a Password for the Customer to be able to enter FERRONOVA® member pages. FERRONOVA® is responsible to give support to Customer daily, during working days, 09:00- 16:30 Central European Time.

4. System requirements
Customer has to fulfil the system requirements as specified on the homepage. Customer also must have a valid agreement for the use of Internet.

5. Free trial period
Customer has the option to register for a 4 week trial period. After the free period there is the options to pay the meber fee or to be become disconnected from the service.

6. Price and payment conditions
Customer will for this license pay the fee as specified in FERRONOVA® will have the right to change the license fee upon entering into a new license agreement period. Payment is to be made annually in advance using either VISA or Master Card.

7. Term
This agreement is valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months (membership period) from the date of acceptance of this agreement

8. Other conditions
In addition to this agreement the general terms, “Legal notice”, shown on the homepage of are valid.

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